There are a number of services that Atkinson & Booy Surveys provide to our customers. Some of the more common surveys are outlined below with a brief description of what we do and when these services might be utilised. If you require further information about the services we can provide please don't hesitate to contact one of the team.

Identification (Ident) Survey

This type of service simply means we will identify and mark your existing property boundaries. This may be required for a number of reasons, the most common being when you plan to erect a fence or construct some form of structure on your property, and you wish to have confidence that you are not building over your boundary line onto your neighbour's property. Our registered surveyor/s will measure the site involved to determine the location of buildings on or adjacent to the land and any fences present. They will check for the existence of easements (for drainage, etc.), covenants and restrictions on land use and whether or not the property complies with the terms of these conditions. Our team pay special attention to any encroachments by or upon the land or upon any easements. In the instance of a residence we will report back to the owner on the distances of the walls or eaves and gutters from the side boundary of the land.

Boundary Realignment Survey

This service concerns the work required to adjust the land boundaries, between two or more properties. The intended purpose of a boundary realignment is for the alteration of boundaries to correct an existing encroachment and/or land management problem. The changes associated with boundary realignment surveys are normally minor in nature and areas and dimensions do not alter significantly. It is not the intention that any boundary realignment service should be considered for any significant layout changes and these type of major changes to the lot boundaries would be considered as a subdivision service which is detailed below. If you are unsure of what service you require please contact us at Atkinson & Booy Surveys, and we will be able to provide the appropriate advice to assist you.

Property Subdivision

This service involves the identification and creation of new property boundaries. This occurs when a larger property is divided into two or a number of smaller lots. This also includes when buildings are subdivided for sale or lease of individual units. Atkinson & Booy Surveys are well equipped and experienced in providing this type of service.

Contour & Detail Survey

This type of service is used when you want to identify the location and height of the features on your property. This survey will also identify the slope and the extent of the slope on the property. You might request this type of survey when there is vacant land you wish to develop e.g. building a new house or structure.

Strata Title

This survey is performed in order to create a number of new titles to provide a form of ownership for multi-level apartment blocks, and horizontal subdivisions that would have shared areas.

Pastoral Holding Renewals

Atkinson & Booy Surveys are familiar with the process involved with the application to renew and rolling term leases. Part of this process requires a survey plan that meets certain minimum requirements, and forms part of the application.

Engineering Surveys

These surveys are generally associated with the design and construction of new infrastructure projects, and are undertaken for the purpose of obtaining information essential to the planning of an engineering project. These may include high-rise buildings, roads, tunnels etc. to ensure they are built in accordance with the design criteria with regards to location, size and shape. Although an engineering surveyor is not required by legislation to be registered with the Surveyors Board of Queensland, at Atkinson & Booy Surveys our surveyors are registered with an engineering endorsement with the Board.

Mining Surveys

From time to time, Atkinson & Booy Surveys are requested to provide services to this sector. Atkinson & Booy Surveys owner, has continued to provide mining survey services within the Mount Isa area, which can involve work in both open cut and underground mines. The type of service delivered can include measuring underground and open-cut mines in detail and assisting in the location of new mines and avoiding the safety issues which can be present in older mines, while allowing connections to be made between different underground passages. Mine surveyors also establish the boundaries of mining claims in some states and territories. In underground mines the mine surveyor will determine and control the location and direction of tunnels as well as the mapping of all underground tunnels. Although this service is provided by Atkinson & Booy Surveys it obviously is specifically aimed at the mining industry which are located out from our base here in Townsville.

Certificate of Registration with Cadastral, Engineering & Consulting Endorsement with Surveyors Board of Queensland (ID 4169)
Member of Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute