Atkinson & Booy Surveys provide surveying services to Townsville, Charters Towers, Burdekin, Ingham, and extending west to Hughenden, Richmond, Cloncurry, Mckinlay and Mount Isa.

Our professional staff undertake a range of surveying work for a variety of customer groups from town planning consultants working on behalf of their clients, to the construction and building industry, global mining groups, ‘mum and dad’ subdividers, or the customer who simply wants to confirm the true location of their property boundary.

We provide quotations and a realistic timeframe for a projects completion. The vast majority of the work will be performed by those whose names appear in the business name i.e. Dale Atkinson and Jack Booy.

Both are very experienced and knowledgeable in the surveying field, and are motivated to do the best job they can for their customer. Our overheads are consciously kept as low as possible, and this has the flow on benefit to our customers by making our services very affordable.

We pride ourselves in having the right plant and equipment and software, which is another opportunity to use technology to drive down the cost of our work.

We are competent and accredited to undertake a range of surveying services and the list below is representative of what we do:

  • Cadastral surveys
  • Land & Boundary surveys
  • Lease surveys
  • Subdivisions surveys both large and small
  • Engineering surveys
  • Mining surveys

Contact Us:
P: 07 4723 4885
M: 0410 471 628

Our Values

What our Customer will see and experience

  • Little to no rework required.
  • Surveys accurate and meets local / state Legislative and by law requirements.
  • Accountable for work undertaken.
  • Meets deadlines where these exist and any unforeseen delays will be communicated back to the customer in a timely fashion.
Customer Orientated
  • Providing timely updates of project progress.
  • Provide alternative suggestions where alternatives have been identified, which might not have been considered and would be beneficial to the customer.
  • Recognised as a company that provides value for money and provides an affordable surveying service.
  • High levels of confidentiality in all matters being discussed.
  • All communication to be both respectful and professional regardless of the subject being discussed.
  • All customers to be treated similarly irrespective of their size. 
High Level of Integrity 
  • Honest in all dealings.
  • Customer project needs are paramount in all discussions.
  • Ethical


In line with the ethos of giving back to the North Queensland community, Atkinson & Booy Surveys are always willing to accept and provide on the job work experience and training to those undertaking tertiary studies in surveying or similar disciplines.

These students have the opportunity to work with our experienced surveyors in an ideal training environment, and to learn the many and varied aspects of surveying, as well as working with some of the most up to date surveying equipment.

Atkinson & Booy Surveys owner Dale Atkinson, acknowledges that the theoretical and practical components of surveying are equally as critical to a surveying student.

Certificate of Registration with Cadastral, Engineering & Consulting Endorsement with Surveyors Board of Queensland (ID 4169)
Member of Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute